Cooking With Quinoa: 3 Quick & Easy Recipes

Quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse. With its long list of health benefits, nutrients, and versatility, it is no surprise how often it’s used to make some of my favorite dishes.

quinoa three ways

The possibilities with quinoa are endless, and it can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Many choose to add quinoa in their salads, hearty grain bowls, casseroles, healthy wraps, and as an ingredient in tons of sweet breakfast recipes or desserts.

So I wanted to share the ways I have enjoyed quinoa.

From stuffed quinoa bell peppers, served as-is with fresh flounder and a rich sauce, to being tossed in a warm salad filled with roasted veggies and a homemade vinaigrette, I think you’re gonna enjoy the nutty flavor of quinoa in these recipes.

Before we dig into the recipes, what exactly is quinoa?

Pronounced KEEN-wah, quinoa is actually not a grain — although it is used in the same way rice, farro, or other similar grains would be used. It is a grain-like and naturally gluten-free pseudocereal hailing from South America.

What are some differences between quinoa and rice?

As I mentioned earlier, quinoa is really good for you. A cup of quinoa provides twice the amount of protein (packing more than any other grain) and fiber as the same amount of white rice. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. Plus, it’s packed full of antioxidants, which can also help with blood sugar, aid in weight loss, and improve your cholesterol. Clearly, quinoa is the way to go and is a worthy inclusion in your diet.

Quinoa comes in various colors– like red, black, or white, but they all cook the same way. While the lighter varieties carry a mild flavor, the darker varieties are more robust.

The type of quinoa I use:

If not cooked correctly, quinoa can result in a mushy and overdone situation that no one wants. Using Tri-Color Boil-in-Bag Quinoa gives you moist, fluffy, and perfectly cooked quinoa in just 10 minutes — with zero bitter taste!

And here are a few recipes made using quinoa, perfect as a snack, lunch, or dinner:

Hopefully, you now have three more ways to love and enjoy quinoa!

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