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Eric Jones, Dude That Cookz
Eric Jones, Dude That Cookz

Who am I? I’m just a regular country boy who enjoys cooking. My cooking style is all about turning something good into something great. There are a few things I can do from scratch, but when life keeps you busy, it’s not always that easy to have extra time available; so I take a lot of recipe ideas and turn them into something new.

I grew up in Louisiana with two loving grandmothers who had two different styles of cooking, but I learned a lot from them both; along with what I learned from my mother. I made some dietary changes as I got older and once I lost my parents to health issues, I quickly realized I needed to make some changes.

My relationship with God has always been present but over time I’ve started to learn more about things we should and shouldn’t eat which ultimately changed a lot of the things I cooked and ate. The recipes you will see on this site will not include pork or shellfish and that’s just a choice I made for myself. I try to eat clean, but at times I will justify some not-so-healthy options.

I love to experiment to try to come up with different things so at times I strike out, but there are those moments when I hit a home run and those are the moments I want to share with you all. I really enjoy helping people and making those around me feel comfortable so welcome to my world of food. Hope you enjoy!

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