Hey, I’m Eric!

Born and raised in Louisiana, I’m just a regular country boy who enjoys cooking. I am a self-taught home cook and rely on my passion for developing and layering flavors to drive the recipes I create.

I grew up in Louisiana (now living in Houston) with two loving grandmothers who had two different styles of cooking, and I learned a lot from them both, along with what I learned from my mother.

I made some dietary adjustments as I got older, and once I lost my parents to health issues, I quickly realized I needed to make some changes. In addition, I learned more through my relationship with God and adjusted my lifestyle accordingly. The recipes you will see on this site will not include pork or shellfish, and that’s just a choice I made for myself. Even though I try to eat clean, at times, I will justify some not-so-healthy options. Homemade pizza, double-stacked burgers, and Tex-Mex are at the top of my list!

As far as my cooking style is concerned, I am all about turning good/clean ingredients into great recipes! I prefer to cook from scratch, but life keeps you busy and extra time is not always available. So, I try to make my recipes as simple as possible — without compromising on flavor.

I love to experiment to try to come up with new recipes, so at times I may strike out, but there are those moments when I hit a home run, and those are the ones I want to share with you all. I really enjoy helping people and making those around me feel comfortable so welcome to my world of food.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be


Listening to


grateful for

my family

Favorite place

any Caribbean island

my weekends

movies & good food

my favorite hobby

producing music

My Favorite Cocktail

My Favorite Recipe

Hey, I’m Shanna!

Hey, ya’ll! I’m Shanna, AKA Eric’s better half and a native Houstonian.

I’m the Creative Director for the brand. That role means I manage all photography, this website, and everything in between, so Eric can focus on his passion for cooking. He says I keep this ship sailing (thanks, babe), and I’m never too far when Eric is in the kitchen — mostly because he is a fantastic cook and I want first dibs, but I also love to capture food.

While I’m mostly behind the lens around here, you’ll find me baking and sharing some of my favorite sweets and treats every now and then.

Eric and I have two kids and have been married for 12 years.