Easy Charcuterie Board for Two

Entertaining for a small or intimate party of two? This Easy Charcuterie Board for Two is perfect for date night or small holiday gatherings and comes together in no time. Learn how to make an epic charcuterie board, including recommendations on what to buy.

overhead shot of a charcuterie board with red wine and wine accessories

It is so simple to pull together; all it takes is a few choice selections of your favorite treats. This quick and easy DIY charcuterie board is perfect for two, but feel free to double up on any item to serve larger crowds.

What to put on a charcuterie board for two?

This board is filled with an assortment of meats, cheeses, fruit, spreads, crackers, and candied nuts. Paired with your favorite bottle of wine, this can easily be considered a complete meal.

What is the difference between a charcuterie board and a cheese board?

Although used interchangeably, a charcuterie board and a cheese board are really two different things. While a charcuterie board has a mix of cured meats and cheeses, a cheese board doesn’t include any meat but offers a tasty spread of cheeses and fruits instead. Both serve items on wooden cutting boards, plates, platters, or trays. .

Red wine in a glass with a charcuterie board

Ingredients for the perfect charcuterie board:

So, how do you make a charcuterie board for two? Meat, cheese, fruit, and crackers are a great starting point for any charcuterie board. And once you have these four basics down, we are over halfway there. The only thing left is to add a few personal surprises or that favorite chocolate truffle you just can’t get enough of!

  1. For the fresh fruit, I added freshly sliced kiwi, strawberries, red grapes, and mandarin oranges. I also added a fig fruit spread into the mix. Apples and pears are great as well.
  2. For the cheese, I always recommend cheddar (because everyone loves cheddar). This board has smoked beechwood cheddar cubes along with merlot cheese cubes, rosemary-parmesan pimento cheese spread, and ripened brie. Note: Before serving, you can also bake your brie for 10 to 12 minutes until it’s soft and gooey. Let it cool for 5 minutes and drizzle raw and unfiltered honey on top as I did. So good!
  3. I added one meat to the board and smoked beef sausage was my choice. I pre-sliced the link for easy enjoyment. Feel free to add more!
  4. Your board is not complete without crackers, and I do love my crackers. Water crackers are always great since the flavor doesn’t overpower whatever you place on top, and that crunch from the cracker is to die for. Other favorites are sweet wheat crackers, vegetable crackers, sea salt and chive crackers, and poppy pepper crackers.
  5. My surprise favorites are sweet pickles and butter toffee pecans!
charcuterie board with meats, cheeses, fruit, spreads, jams, pickles, crackers
  • When choosing your cheeses, you can add hard, firm, and soft varieties. Hard cheeses like parmesan and asiago and firm cheeses like cheddar, provolone, gouda, swiss, fontina are great. For soft cheese, I would recommend brie or burrata and if you like blue cheese, add some gorgonzola. Spreads like Boursin are nut-covered cheese balls are awesome too!
  • Fill in the gaps between the larger items on your board with a few sweet items candied nuts, dried apricots, figs, and chocolate. Nuts like pistachio, almond, and walnuts work too.
  • Aside from the basics, adding a few antipasto options like pickles and olive are always a welcomed addition.
  • Cured meat is a requirement for any charcuterie boards, so if you’re looking for non-pork options, you can try turkey pepperoni, beef salami, beef bresaola, duck prosciutto, chicken liver pate, sliced turkey breast, or sliced roast beef. One or two options will be plenty.

A charcuterie board for two is the perfect date night idea, but it would also be great for any upcoming small gatherings of family and friends. Wow your guests with this delicious mini grazing board!

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overhead of charcuterie board and wine accessories

Easy Charcuterie Board for Two

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Perfect for a small party of two, this Easy Charcuterie Board filled with meats, cheese, fruit, and more comes together in no time.



  • kiwi, sliced
  • strawberries, sliced
  • red grapes
  • mandarin oranges, peeled
  • fig fruit spread


  • smoked beechwood cheddar cubes
  • merlot cheese cubes
  • rosemary-parmesan pimento cheese spread
  • ripened brie with raw and unfiltered honey


  • smoked beef sausage


  • water crackers
  • sweet wheat crackers
  • vegetable crackers
  • sea salt and chive crackers
  • poppy pepper crackers


  • sweet pickles
  • butter toffee pecans


  1. Spreads and other items on your board that come from a liquid (like those sweet pickles) are best when served in a small bowl or ramekin. Fill several small vessels first, as they will serve as the structure within your board.
  2. Add the meats to the board, ensuring you pre-slice any meats as necessary. 
  3. Arrange your cheeses evenly around the board, and for others, like brie, that do not come pre-cut, place a cheese knife near it for easy access. For other cheeses that come in cube form, drop them in any available spot.
  4. Add a handful of crackers and provide a few options between your bowls, meats, and cheese.
  5. Fill in any gaps on the board with your fruit and other remaining items. It’s okay if the items touch each other unless that’s not your thing.


Before serving, you can bake your brie for 10 to 12 minutes until it’s soft and gooey. Let it cool for 5 minutes, and drizzle raw and unfiltered honey on top.

  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Category: Appetizer
  • Method: No Bake
  • Cuisine: American

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