Brisket Mac and Cheese
This Brisket Mac and Cheese will win everyone over! Creamy, smoky, and packed with cheese. Perfect to make using leftover smoked brisket.
Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pasta
My Cajun Chicken Sausage Alfredo Pasta uses the "Holy Trinity" as a core ingredient; a staple of Cajun cooking made up of onion, celery, and bell pepper.
Chicken Meatball Mac & Cheese
Creamy Chicken Meatball Mac & Cheese pairs Trottole Pasta with tender chicken meatballs and a creamy cheese sauce for a complete meal your family will love.
Chicken Pesto Penne
This Chicken Pesto Penne Pasta is healthier than the average creamy pasta dish and is packed with fresh ingredients like tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms.
Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff
Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff is a perfect meal for mushroom lovers. A creamy mushroom sauce paired with fresh mushrooms makes for the best meatless pasta meal.
Easy Breezy Vegetable Lo Mein
Forget about takeout when you can make this Vegetable Lo Mein at home is less than 20 minutes! The perfect quick pasta dish with a healthy twist.
Farfalle a la Vodka with Chicken
Farfalle a la Vodka with Chicken - Tomato sauce gets a boost with the addition of vodka, cream, and ground chicken --- and tender farfalle (bow tie) pasta.
Gluten-Free Chicken Gouda Penne Pasta
This Gluten-Free Chicken Gouda Penne combines corn pasta, with seasoned ground chicken, and a creamy gouda cheese sauce for the perfect pasta night.
Creamy Meatball Pasta Bake
This creamy Meatball and Mushroom Pasta will go great on any dinner table on any day of the week! Think of this as a spin on traditional beef stroganoff.